iViva Distribution and Services
Our 3 core business areas includes:

  • Product Distribution
  • Air Purifier Service Implementation
  • Graphical Design Services and Applications

iViva offers distribution for consumer products such as Home Air Purifiers, Electronics Appliances, Gifts, Hobbies Games and many other products. To further our interest, we are keen in seeking new product distribution trades by representing overseas partners and promoting their brand in Singapore and regionally.

Air Purifier Service Implementation
iViva endeavors to provide excellent services to customers and strive to become a health orientated provider by inculcating them on the importance of environmental threats. At the same point, iViva offer solutions to improve air condition for living standards.

Graphical Design Services and Applications
Where creativity holds no restriction and innovation has no limits. iViva offers graphic design services for web, multimedia, marketing brochures and other materials. Graphical enhancement increases your promotion attractiveness amd your business visual. We provide low to medium scale projects of all budgets.

iViva sets the vision in building positive networks of customers and business partners gradually, by promoting, selling, servicing and supporting to enhance business continuality. iViva is seeks out constantly for business idealists that can share our vision to generate on new product business concepts innovatively on a global scale.
We strongly believe in three business values which are
, “Victory Instantly” and “Victory Again”.
These three acronym form our business name “iViva”.

With business intelligence, we gain insights on products demands, market trends, while focus resources to increase every opportunities and work towards success. Ultimately, no word can replace "success" in the business world. In order to be successful in every business aspects, iViva aims to obtain Victory Instantly in a shortest time and pursue a business continuity model to archive Victory Again.

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