Advance Ionic breeze technology
Silent, no motor or fan
Kills mold and clears away effluvium
Energy saving, only uses 1 watt
Keep closet interior clean and dry
With low voltage indicator for battery replacement
Ion output
Active oxygen output
DC 12V
Max 1000 /cm ³
≤0.04 ppm
220 x 170 x 65(mm)
486 g

Hang in a closet to neutralize lingering odors on shirts, blouse, jackets, dress, sweaters, and slacks without any laundry or dry-cleaning expense.

Stand on the closet floor or place on a shelf to remove the smell of smoke, perspiration, and other ambient odors from all your clothing.

The ionic closet anti-mold cleaner hangs in your closet and circulates natural ozone to gently neutralize lingering odors in all kinds of fabrics. This anti mold cleaner that hangs in your closet gives you the luxury of wearing fresh, clean-smelling clothes all the time without the cost, without wasting time and without damaging fabrics.

Odors on clothing are effectively nuetralized by ozone

Take good care of your expensive apparel collection

Removes odors and freshens clothing naturally without cover up scents. Gently freshens all kinds of fabrics from delicate silks to heavy wools. Saves expense, time, and wear and tear on all your clothing. Odors on clothing are effectively nuetralized by ozone, which is a safe, natural sanitizer that destroys odors at their source.
XJ-901 can run for 24hrs and for a period of 6 months on just 6 D-size batteries. An optional AC adapter allows the unit to be connected to an electrical outlet. (AC adapter not included). The unit has no motor and operates virtually silent..
This remarkable device circulates fresh air and ozone using advanced ion technology. The unit lightweight and portable and can hang in your closet or from your clothes rod, or stand up on the floor or a shelf
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