Advanced ionic breeze technology
Neutralizes unpleasant odours and freshens air and energetic drive
Supplies anion for that comfortable
Noiseless, no motor
Sterilizing, mold-proofing and no
chemical additive
Mini style design, cute and portable
Ion output
Active oxygen output
MAX 10 000/cm ³
140 x 74 x 380(mm)
Without motors or fans, and using advanced ionic breeze technology to silently circulate clean and fresh air.
The Air Purifier with Anion Generator for vehicles can easily rest on your car's dashboard. Easy to operate. Simply plug into the cigarette lighter socket.

It does not employ any mechanical devices; using the advanced ionic breeze system that silently and constantly produces clean and refreshing air. Furthermore, it's elegant and portable mini-design does not occupy much space in your car, as it rests easily on the dashboard. Also, a 2 watts power consumption makes it an energy saving device , which can be plugged directly into the Cigarette Lighter Socket, using the Fused DC Power Cord included in the box.

Place advanced ionic breeze system in your vehicle!

Circulating clean and refreshing environment in your car

All cars, even the most expensive and luxurious, quickly lose their aroma of being new, and for many reasons, acquire an unpleasant and durative odour which is embarrassing. This stink is near impossible to eliminate.
There is, however, a new and practical item which is the "Ionic Air Purifier" which can resolve this trouble. It produces anions, which helps to enhance active oxygen for the purpose of removing any unpleasant odours and, at the same time, improve the quality of the air circulating within the vehicle; resulting in a constantly clean and refreshing environment in your car.
Our Vehicle Air Purifier will not only prolong the "Fresh Smell" of a newly bought car, also help you have a healthier trip with your family and friends.
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